Archaeological Oddities

Archaeological Oddities Poster-High Res

Click here to browse the comics, or use the links below to visit individual oddities.

Volumes One and Two  now available on etsy.


Make-your-own Archaeological Oddities now available as free PDFs:

Mold Cape


Caergwrle Bowl

Prehistories gift tags

schist plaque gift tags

Archaeological Oddities Comics

Egyptian Paddle Dolls

Sanxingdui Bronzes

Colleonard Farm Hoard (Heritage Jam Entry)

Ballachullish Figure

Neolithic Pits

Deal Warrior

Schist Plaques

 Jet Button

Neolithic Masks

Llyn Cerrig Bach

The Penbryn Spoons

The Mold Cape

The Pippisteinen (Pippi-stone) Alta

The Red Lady of Paviland

The Deskford Carnyx

The Westray Wifey/ Orkney Venus

The Broighter Boat

The Brno Puppet

Rillaton and Ringlemere Gold Cups

The Star Carr Antler Frontlets

Uffington White Horse

The Knowth Macehead

The Nebra Sky Disk

Silbury Hill

The Folkton Drums

  AO Llyn Cerrig Bach-001   

5 responses to “Archaeological Oddities

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  2. Jim Cleary ⋅

    Hi – love the Folkton Drums (which has just been shared on Facebook) & I’m about to read the rest. A minor typo on this page (maybe a Freudian slip??); the link to The Red Lady of Paviland is written as ‘The Red Lay of Paviland’ 🙂

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