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Archaeological Oddities: The Deskford Carnyx

Archaeological Oddities Deskford Carnyx-lite

Read more about the Deskford Carnyx and find out how it would have sounded on the National Museum of Scotland’s website.

Check out this excellent site exploring musical instruments in Asterix.

Links to other Archaeological Oddities can be found here.

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4 responses to “Archaeological Oddities: The Deskford Carnyx

  1. Fresca

    Ever since you said an archeaological artefact was available as a shortbread, I see all of them as potential gift store edibles—this one could be licorice (like those licorice pipes)!

  2. Dr H

    I think you may have a great business idea there. Folkton Drum marshmallows? Silbury Hill steamed puddings?
    Dr A points out that Liquorice Carnyx would make an interesting band name.

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