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Archaeological Oddities: The Mold Cape



AO Mold Cape 2

Many thanks to Dr A, for discussions over the years about colour and memory.

Discussion of issues surrounding the presentation of the cape during its recent Welsh tour can be found on the Archaeodeath site.

Other Archaeological Oddities can be found here.

Dr H

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3 responses to “Archaeological Oddities: The Mold Cape

  1. Fresca

    A possibly irreverent thought came to me as I read this:
    Wouldn’t it be cool to have A.O. paper dolls, with outfits and gadgets?
    And pets? Like Woolly Mammoths?
    But seriously, wow–imagine what a burial this must have been. Now we have fancy caskets, sometimes of expensive metal—seems to be an ancient urge?

  2. Dr H

    A.O. Paper dolls? You’ve got me thinking…. I’m already working out how to construct a Make-your-own Mold Cape.

    Bronze Age burials are especially good for richly coloured and dazzling artefacts. I got rather weary reading interpretations of the Mold Cape and how it was all about wealth and power. There is far more to be said about it. I’ll blog some more about it soon – there are some fun images I’d like to link to.

  3. Reblogged this on archaeodeath and commented:
    A striking summation of all that can and could be said of this fascinating artefact

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