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Archaeological Oddities: The Penbryn Spoons


AO Divination


You can read more about the spoons, and similar finds here and here and here.

Click here for more Archaeological Oddities.

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3 responses to “Archaeological Oddities: The Penbryn Spoons

  1. Fresca

    Reminds me of Magic 8 balls. You know those fortune-telling toys that look like a pool ball?
    I loved those as a kid.
    I just looked them up–the mysterious liquid the die (one dice) floats in is merely alcohol dyed dark blue.
    Anyway, the desire for a magic answer is undying, eh?

  2. Dr H

    Hi Fresca.
    I always wanted a Magic 8 ball when I was young, but never had one. I made up for this by buying one for my son…
    Some of the earliest writing is linked to magic – Chinese writing on tortoise shells
    and Egyptian spells
    Dr A and I have vague plans to look at the magic/ witchcraft items in the Pitt Rivers Museum sometime. I have ideas for another comic strip I could run alongside the Oddities…

  3. Fresca ⋅

    A good reason to have a child: to buy toys you never had!
    Though I’ve done pretty well buying plastic gee-gaws for my childless self.
    My parents pretty much only let us have educational-type toys made of natural materials. AWFUL!!! (Not the toys themselves, but the toy censorship.)

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