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Archaeological Oddities: The Broighter Boat

Archaeological Oddities 9

I was ill in bed with a temperature when I wrote this one – I think you can tell I was a bit spaced out.

Links to other Archaeological Oddities can be found here.

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4 responses to “Archaeological Oddities: The Broighter Boat

  1. Fresca

    Lovely, as always. (I can’t tell you were spaced out at all!)
    I wonder—looks like the boats were dug up in Ireland, but is it known where they came from? (Egypt? Is that an Egyptian hair style?)

  2. Dr H

    Egyptian hairstyle not intended!
    The boat is generally described as being Irish, though being unique it’s hard to say for sure. Log boats are more common in prehistory, but have a look at the Dover Boat, – a Bronze Age plank built boat:

  3. Fresca

    Thanks for the clarification!
    I thought of you when I stumbled on this piece of art, though I’m SURE you know it: John Piper’s “Devizes Antiquities”–I like this “cartoon” better than the final stained-glass window:

  4. Dr H

    Thanks for the link – what a brilliant image. I’ve seen the window, but not the artwork. I like them both!

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