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Te focus of this blog is British and European Prehistory, but we plan to write about anything that feeds into or grows out of our interest in this period.

We have a particular interest in prehistoric material culture and art, as well as art, literature and film inspired by the prehistoric past.

You can go to our CONTENTS page to find our regular features, including:

Ask an Archaeologist

Archaeological Oddities 

Folklore Fridays

Dr A and Dr H

4 responses to “About

  1. I’ve always been curious about archaeology, specially archaeological illustration. I’ll be following this blog for sure!

    • Dr H

      Hi Raquel. I love the artwork and animation on your website. I’ve been to Lisbon a few times and I loved the tiled architecture and patterned pavements. Dr A has an interest in Portuguese archaeology, and currently has a student studying Portuguese rock art – so expect posts on this subject in the future.

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