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5 responses to “Archaeological Oddities No. 2

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    These cartoons are so fun! You should get them placed at sites & in museums.

  2. Brian Edwards ⋅

    Great fun but several points (sorry to be pedantic): Only one ‘t’ in Kennet when attached to either river or archaeological site, ‘Kennett’ applies to the villages and place names only. None of the major excavators of Silbury Hill were ‘treasure hunters’ in the moneyed riches sense. There was no mention of gold or ‘riches’ until 1849, so it is a rearward projection to suggest it was thought that Silbury was full of riches. Sorry once again, the sheet is otherwise great!

    • Dr H

      Hi Brian – thanks for the detailed feedback! I will correct the spelling of Kennet, thanks for explaining the two spellings. I am using the term ‘treasure hunters’ in a broad sense – archaeology of all varieties can be seen as treasure!

      • Brian Edwards ⋅

        You are welcome, I’m a fan of this approach to dissemination. I understand where you are coming from on treasure, what Drax was after on this earliest of community excavations was certainly treasure in that sense, but he and his dig has suffered somewhat from being unjustly associated with looting our pudding shaped favourite. However, all good stuff – keep it coming!

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