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Archaeological Oddities No.6

Archaeological Oddities 6

By sheer coincidence, after finishing this comic, I was reading Sara Perry’s blog and discovered that the Yorkshire Museum is currently running an exhibition about Star Carr called After the Ice.

Heritage Studies students from the University of York produced short films for the exhibition, one of which focuses on the antler frontlets (though they are both well worth viewing).

A Mystery of Star Carr

A Yorkshire Man and His Dog

Links to other Archaeological Oddities can be found here.

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6 responses to “Archaeological Oddities No.6

  1. Fresca

    I *love* these graphic pages of yours!!!

    Are you surprised at how good they are? I mean, did you know all along you had this fun visual talent?

  2. Dr H

    Hi Francesca. Thanks – your ‘likes’ are helping me to keep going with these comics. I am surprised that I am writing and drawing them at all. In spite of reading Lynda Barry and encouraging people around me to draw, I’ve been really hesitant about inflicting my own drawings on the world at large! However, I am forever telling my son (who likes to draw cartoons) that developing a style is a key element to being a successful cartoon/ comic artist and that technical ability isn’t the be all and end all. So I thought I should practise what I preach and start developing my own style. I really appreciate that there are great and accomplished graphic artists and illustrators out there, but I hope that there is a space for my wonky comics. I hope that they will make people curious about archaeology. Mostly, I am having fun drawing them, and learning more about the past (and visual narrative) in the process. The Rillaton and Ringlemere Gold Cups will be next. Watch this space…

  3. Fresca

    Hey, Lynda Barry is one of my favorite humans!

    Totally true that technical drawing skills aren’t the biggest deal
    . . .IF you have a flair for narrative, which you do. But you’re drawings aren’t half-bad either!

    You inspire me to try the graphic form too. It would be fascinating (and a fun way to get my thoughts in order) to do something about the history of sanitation.
    Like, “Heroes of Sewers!”
    Starring Mr. Bazalgette!

  4. Fresca

    Fun!!! & inspiring!
    But, darn–I see he has “interviewed” ISAMBARD KINGDOM BRUNEL (no. 49) (can Bazalgette be far behind?), but it isn’t online (so far as I can see).
    You must see these in hard copy, eh?

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