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Archaeological Oddities: The Deal Warrior

AO The Deal Warrior-005


You can read more about the Deal warrior on the British Museum website here and here – though I’m not keen on the idea of him being a “warrior priest”.

The objects in the grave tell a fascinating story. The sword may have been made up to two centuries before the scabbard – and the scabbard was made to fit a different sword. The crown was reworked from an earlier crown or artefact, the shield had been deliberately broken.

The warrior’s grave at Mill Hill references an Early Bronze Age barrow, but also acts as a foundation burial for the Iron Age cemetery.

In this way the burial looks backwards and forwards, collating and assembling objects – not all made for the warrior and many of them with extensive life histories and associations – as well as linking burial sites.



Look out for news about Volume 2 of Archaeological Oddities soon.

You can read more Archaeological Oddities here.

Or buy Volume One here.

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