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8 responses to “Archaeological Oddities: Egyptian Paddle Dolls

  1. John S.

    Hurrah! This is fantasic, Dr. H! I love your use of the earthy colours, and the juxtapositions you have in your layouts are now so much part of the story, too. You really must pitch this to the BM – it’s miles better than any kids interpretative material they’ve got at the moment!

    • Dr H

      Thanks John! I sampled the earth colours from the paddle doll decoration and from some wall paintings (which also provided the image of the reeds and water). Contacting museums is something I’ve been meaning to do. Any tips on who/ how to approach?

  2. Lucinda ⋅

    Cool! Never seen these before–and your comic makes me want to see the originals and know more. Looks great too. I agree with John–pitch it to the B.M. How could they not want this?

    • Dr H

      I hadn’t seen these until Steph sent me a photo of one. The nearest examples to you seem to be in New York! Egyptian wooden objects are often painted in beautiful colours. I might have to do some more Egyptian artefacts. Working up to contacting museums..

  3. Fresca

    WIN ! ! ! When I read this, I thought Dr. H. has *truly* found her medium—it blends the imaginative sensitivity of your words-alone stories with your informative and whimsical drawings.

    I see your cartoons being postcards and posters at the BM, also guidebooks at specific sites, coloring books, tea towels.
    And, of course, _The Book_.
    Oh, yes.

    • Dr H

      Thanks Fresca! I really enjoyed researching this comic. The colours used in Egyptian painting are really inspiring.
      Not sure I’m quite ready to take over the BM gift shop yet – it’s a nice thought, though!

  4. I was jus researching paddle dolls and came across your page. this is lovely and informative. Thanks for sharing!

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