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News and Notebooks

New A6 notebooks now for sale in the Prehistories etsy shop. They are inspired by Ancient Egyptian wall paintings and Neolithic art (the Folkton Drums).

Photo 04-11-2015, 14 09 02


I’m also very pleased to say that two of my comics are now on sale in the Small Press section of Gosh! comics shop in London.

Cover with signature

Rock Face

Dr H



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2 responses to “News and Notebooks

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    Congrats again on Gosh! Those notebooks are very pleasing too. Are these some of the designs are are thinking about for fabric? I’d love a shirt with either pattern– too bad I don’t sew.

    • Dr H

      Hi Lucinda. Thanks! Yes, these are some of the designs I’m thinking of for fabrics. I have another one based on a Bronze Age gold artefact. I’m also thinking of making a design with scarab beetles. I’d like to make a skirt from the Folkton Drums design.

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