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One Girl Goes Hunting

10 Kat-ya concept 2

This is Kat-Ya.

Around two years ago my family had been binging on Studio Ghibli films. While watching Howl’s Moving Castle both Dr A and I were struck by the similarity between the landscape of the Waste in the animation and the landscape of Orkney. The vivid blues and greens, the huge skies, the constant movement of grass in the wind. I remarked that Neolithic Orkney would look great as anime/ manga in the Studio Ghibli style, and I imagined a girl standing next to the Stones of Stenness. This was the spark of an idea that led to me writing One Girl Goes Hunting.

Having written the script I knew that my artistic talents were not up to the job, so the script lay waiting until Steph Moser suggested that I get in touch with John Swogger.

Emails have gone backwards and forwards as I’ve tried to explain to John how the world of One Girl Goes Hunting looks inside my head.

In the second batch of files I saw her on the screen in front of me. The girl I’d imagined. Kat-Ya.

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5 responses to “One Girl Goes Hunting

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    Very cool! Love the detail on her clothes. It has exactly the anime look you we’re going for. Hope it’s a great success!

  2. Dr H

    Thanks Lucinda, it’s really exciting seeing the story come to life and weaving in all the bits of archaeological detail. I’ll be posting more pictures over the coming weeks.

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