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Weland the Smith

00 Weland cover final lower res

01 Weland final lower res

02 Weland final lower res

03 Weland final lower res

04 Weland final lower res

05 Weland final lower res

06 Weland final lower res

07 Weland runic coloured

08 Weland final lower res

00 Weland back cover final lower res

This comic was created in collaboration with Prof Howard Williams. I’m incredibly grateful to Howard for taking the time to work on this, and for all his feedback on the comic and his insights into the story of Weland. You can read more about this aspect of Howard’s research on his blog.

Print copies of Weland will be on sale soon…

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10 responses to “Weland the Smith

  1. John S.

    Fantastic, Hannah! Really, really nice. The use of colour is spot on, and feels totally consistent with your b&w comics. Print copies will be on Etsy, I assume – anywhere else?

    • Dr H

      Thanks John! I’m looking into stocking my comics and notebooks in museum gift shops. I’m also very excited as Gosh! took a couple of my titles for their Small Press section.

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  3. I’d like to know when the print version is available. Stocking in museum gft shops is a great idea too. I hope to see this in Jorvik

  4. Dr H

    Hi Russ. Thanks so much for buying a copy!

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