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Forthcoming Folklore Fridays

My plan is to add a new item of folklore relating to a prehistoric site or artefact every Friday (or almost, every Friday).

I’ve always been interested in folklore and tales about ancient monuments, but this summer I stumbled upon a second-hand copy of A Dictionary of English Folklore. This excellent book led me, in turn, to Leslie Grinsell’s Folklore of Prehistoric Sites in Britain. Grinsell’s book is far from comprehensive, but it contains many folk tales and discusses reoccurring themes in archaeological folklore – for example people turned into standing stones.

grinsell     Devil map

Grinsell’s book is sadly out of print, but it is worth getting hold of a copy, if only for the outstanding series of distribution maps at the beginning (this map The Devil: distribution map leads to certain conclusions regarding the sinfulness of Southern England when compared to Northwest Scotland!)

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