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Folklore Fridays: Rusborough Camp

Rusborough Camp is a triangular promontory fort at Broomfield, Somerset (ST 228 335).

Its entry in Grinsell  caught my eye because of a connection with a graphic novel I’d just read (see below).

The area between the inner and outer ramparts of the hillfort is known as the Money Field. It is said to conceal an iron castle filled with gold and silver. The castle is guarded by gnomes and spirits. The only way of revealing the hidden castle is to dig at noon. It is imperative that you dig in silence, or you will not find the castle or its treasure.

The need for silence when treasure hunting seems to have carried beyond these shores to America and Canada. It is mentioned in tales of men hunting for pirate treasure or gold buried for safe-keeping by early settlers to the region. Hope Larson draws on these stories in her graphic novel Mercury (the title referring to the substance used to locate buried treasure).


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