Weland the Smith – Preview

00 Weland the Smith cover

Weland the Smith is a new comic I’ve been working on in collaboration with Professor Howard Williams (University of Chester).

You can can see a preview of the first three pages of this eight-page comic over on the Heritage Jam website.

I’ve really enjoyed working with the early medieval art and artefacts, such as the Franks Casket and the Leeds Cross.

The full comic will go up on Prehistories and Howard’s blog Archaeodeath in a few weeks time.

Dr H

The Vikings are Coming!

02 The Bell in the Deep-Viking Boat

I’ve been taking a short break from Archaeological Oddities in order to finish a comic that I started a couple of months ago. Inspired by all the fuss over the opening of the British Museum’s Vikings exhibition, I decided to adapt my own retelling of the legend of the Bosham Bells and turn it into a comic.

After making one page Oddities for so long, this seven page comic has taken some time to finish.

01 The Bell in the Deep-004

I have to thank my friend – artist Lucinda Naylor; her artistic advice and encouragement gave me the push I needed to finish the comic.

Also many thanks to Dr A.

If you don’t know the story of the Bosham Bells you can read about it here, or you can wait until Friday when I’ll be posting the full comic.

Dr H

One Girl: Details and Decisions


Can you spot the difference between John Swogger’s latest depiction of Kat-ya, and his last?

As John turns my text for One Girl Goes Hunting into images, we’ve both been prompted to ask questions of the characters and make decisions about them.

Kat-ya has been given a grass cape in the most recent drawing, in order to root her in European prehistory.

Seeing Kat-ya on the page also led to discussions of her age, appearance and attitude to the challenges that await her.


Looking at her, I think Kat-ya’s ready to go out and meet those challenges.

Dr H

One Girl Goes Hunting: new artwork

6 colour

John Swogger has been working on the artwork for One Girl goes Hunting, developing the Studio Ghibli look we discussed at the start of the project.


From the colour pallette and the warmth of the images…



To the look of the characters…

5 colour

It’s great to watch the story unfolding…

7 (2)

Dr H