New Year

Mummer close up 02

Since 2007 we have been going to watch the Widcombe Mummers perform on New Year’s Day.

Mummer close up

The story changes slightly each time, with reference to local events, but it generally revolves around the battle between King George and the Turkey Snipe. (You can read about different versions of this traditional play here).


Turkey Snipe close up


When the Knight is fatally wounded, the players call on the services of the Quack Doctor and then Beelzebub to resurrect him.


The play ended this year with everyone singing a version of the Gloucestershire Wassail.

Then it’s time for the mummers, musicians and audience to parade along to the next location and the next performance.

Mummers procession

All the very best for 2016 from Dr A and Dr H.

Photos by Mr X.