Never Alone

Game review by Kawaii Kasai (formerly known as Mr X).

01 Never Alone

Never Alone is a collaboration between E-Line Media, Upper One Games and the Iñupiat, an Alaska Native people. The game is based on Iñupiat stories and legends. In Never Alone you are taken on a journey across Alaska from the home village of Nuna with her companion, an arctic fox.

05 Never Alone

Along your journey you use the help of spirits and your trusty bolas to help you find the source of the blizzard that is proving to be problematic for your village. On your way, however, you encounter challenges such as dangerous spirits of the northern lights, a very persistent polar bear and an angry man with fire magic who all try to stop you from reaching your goal.

02 Never Alone

Along the way you also find some friends who help you on your journey and some well-hidden owls who impart their knowledge upon you. Speaking of knowledge, as your journey progresses you gain ‘insights’. These are short videos about that contain extra information about the story and the Iñupiat people.

04 Never Alone

The length of the game and difficulty perfectly emulate the struggle that Nuna and the fox go through to find the source of the blizzard. Complimented with beautiful graphics and an amazing cinematic soundtrack. All of its elements work together to immerse you in the game and helps convey the story and the emotions of all the characters you control and work against. On top of this, the studio have also made a DLC called Never Alone: Foxtales which adds extra challenge, adventure and story to the game for a small extra price.

03 Never Alone

Never Alone can be purchased on a wide range of platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One for £11.99. It is well worth the price.

Kawaii Kasai (@KawaiiKasai)






Introducing a new, occasional feature on Prehistories, highlighting archaeological references in computer/ console games. (If you want a more comprehensive approach to this subject, head over to the Archaeogaming blog).

These features are written by Mr X – who is going to introduce you to the concept of Crypto-archaeology


Crypto-archaeology is a form of reputation in the game Destiny. You gain reputation by handing engrams to a blue humanoid called the Cryptarch. When you hand over your engrams to the Cryptarch he analyses, decodes and then returns the weapon/armour piece found from decoding the engram. When decoding an engram you also gain crypto-archaeology reputation and if you reach certain crypto-archaeology ranks you gain rewards.


Image of the different types of engrams.

“What is an engram you ask? Data free from matter.”

– A quote from the Cryptarch

Engrams are relics from the golden age – a time when technology massively advanced, lifespans tripled and human civilization travelled beyond the confines of Earth. They are objects encoded within a physical form of data and can be decrypted to unlock the secret treasures hidden within. You can most commonly find them by defeating an enemy or completing a mission.


Image of the Cryptarch.

Mr X