Around this time of year…

This is the comic I made for the Sightations exhibition at TAG in Southampton last year.

Alta comic Hannah Sackett low res

You can buy stickers based on this comics from my online shop.

I’m looking forward TAG – in Cardiff this year – and to running another workshop with John Swogger.

There are still a few places left in the workshop – sign up now if you want to take part!

Dr H

One Girl Goes Hunting: Latest Artwork


John Swogger has created brilliant new artwork for our joint project One Girl goes Hunting.

We’ve both talked before about the challenge of finding the right way of presenting the characters and the story on the page. John has done a tremendous amount of work drawing and redrawing Kat-ya and finding a way of recreating the cinematic sweep of Studio Ghibli animations on the page.

His latest images perfectly capture the Ghibli-style big skies and dynamic landscapes that first made me want to write One Girl… The action sequences look brilliant too, with John’s perfect pacing and layout drawing the reader into the story.

I could keep writing about John’s artwork, but I think you’d rather just look at it for yourselves…



p_26Dr H