Buried Treasure

In addition to the Chronicle broadcast of excavations at Silbury Hill, the BBC archive also boasts an array of other archaeological treasures from another age. The BBC 4 archaeology site showcases more episodes of Chronicle, alongside highlights from Buried Treasure, Armchair Voyager and three glorious episodes of Animal, Vegetable, Mineral.


Glyn Daniel gets his hands on the Gundestrop Cauldron

Prominent among these recordings are archaeologists Mortimer Wheeler and Glyn Daniel, both popular presenters of their day.


Mortimer Wheeler pontificating on the subject of Tolland Man.

Dr A and Dr H recently enjoyed an episode of Buried TreasureThe Peat Bog Murder Mystery. This broadcast proves that even in 1954 viewers were seen to have relatively short attention spans. The archaeological discussions (hosted by Mortimer Wheeler and Glyn Daniel) are interspersed with frivolous sections on cookery (Tolland Man’s last meal) and prehistoric fashion.

P1070043   P1070037

These sections are hosted by actor Noelle Middleton, as presumably neither of the men were willing to cook up a batch of barley porridge.

Still, the sight of the presenters wearing chequered napkins sampling prehistoric gruel and mead (served in horn goblets) is a sight to be savoured.


If you want to catch up with these buried treasures you can find them here:



Dr A and Dr H