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Julia’s House

Activity room mural with horse and stone circle

Putting your work online can lead to unexpected encounters and opportunities.

Posting my comics on Prehistories led an interior designer, looking for prehistoric art to decorate the walls of a new Julia’s House children’s hospice in Devizes, to contact me and ask me to work on the project.

Drawing at this scale was a big change from working on comics – both in terms of technology and in terms of the amount of detail needed to fill up to 10m of wall space.

Working with Karen and Edwin at hilldesign was a real pleasure, and the hospice they have helped to create is welcoming and full of wonderful play areas for the children.

I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work on this project, and I’m pleased that my artwork has contributed to the bright, friendly environment at Julia’s House.

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9 responses to “Julia’s House

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    That’s a lovely piece and seems very appropriate for its location. It’s charming, restful, peaceful, while at the same lures you into the landscape with the promise of a children’s story adventure on a bright spring day. It’s a very inviting landscape: asking for imaginative investigation. Great job!

  2. Hannah

    Thanks Lucinda! It was hard work getting this piece right. The rest of the art is mostly brightly coloured prehistoric patterns and deer which hilldesign integrated with the interior design. It was amazing to see this landscape 10m wide on a wall after spending so much time looking at it on my computer screen.

  3. Fresca

    Ah…. well done. The hospice found the right art & artist.
    I believe I would like to look at your mural if I were “life-limited”, as the hospice website calls the children who will indeed look at it.
    (Imagine the meetings to come up with that euphemism–not that it’s bad…)
    Something about how the horse is heading off into… who knows what? The mural is both mysterious in a way that could be spiritual or philosophical (contemplating the layers of time, all present at once), and absolutely everyday–also, restful colors (thinking of the parents too). Lovely, lovely…

    • Hannah

      Thanks Fresca. The horse is based on the chalk horse outside Devizes (which is a recent carving based on an older one from the 1800s). Devizes is in the heart of one of the richest prehistoric landscapes in southern England. The museum in the town (the one with the Piper stained glass) is packed full of beautiful artefacts. Most of the images used in the hospice are bright abstract patterns, based on Neolithic art, so they keep the prehistoric theme but are also colourful and uplifting.

  4. John S.

    Absolutely fantastic. What a lovely connection to have made – both personally and in terms of the art and design. Issues of health and wellbeing are so tied to the sense of place – and these designs capture that perfectly. Well done, indeed.

    • Hannah

      Thanks John – I was really lucky to have worked with Karen at HillDesign. She knew just how to make the right use of the artwork and gave me great direction on what was needed for each room. It was pretty overwhelming seeing the work in situ on the day of the opening.

  5. Gorgeous work Hannah. A landscape for journeying into and such a worthwhile project to be involved with.

    • Hannah

      Thanks so much. I’m pleased to get such a positive response to this piece. When you work on something for a long time it becomes really hard to step back and see it any more.

  6. Andrew Cochrane ⋅

    This is very cool – love it!

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