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4 responses to “29th July 2016

  1. Francesca

    Intriguing—looks like sun bursts on the sun, but those aren’t visible to the naked eye, are they?
    I like these recent panel comics, in which you pull back to reveal the whole thing. Fun!

  2. Dr H

    Thanks! I am having fun trying out a looser style of drawing. It also gives me an excuse to buy some lovely Japanese ink!

  3. funny, i was prompted to write the opposite: how the detailing in separate panels helps to appreciate the narrative character of rock art. (but that’s probably the other side of the coin)

    anyway. thanks for directing me to the human seasons blog. since i’m not on twitter, i had lost track of the publicarchaeology group.

    • Dr H

      There are some great posts over on The Human Seasons blog. I have one more summer post to go, and then a number in Autumn and winter. I have several planned, but still open to some artefact or site suggestions.

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