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Making a Mark: Glasgow

Dr A and Marta Díaz-Guardamino busy recording carved stone balls at the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre as part Dr A’s Leverhulme funded Making a Mark project.

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Dr H

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6 responses to “Making a Mark: Glasgow

  1. Wow!!!! Only ever seen one in Tullie House Carlisle. Have you got any going spare? If you don’t ask you don’t get! Mr.P

    • Dr H

      I think maybe they are keen to hold onto them! It’s well worth seeing the amazing collection they have in Aberdeen (most of them are from this region of Scotland).

  2. Just rethinking. Did we see some in Edinburgh?

  3. Andy

    Anyone come to a conclusion what they were used for?

    • Dr H

      Hi Andy.
      Dr A will be writing more about his findings in the future.
      There are lots of theories about carved stone balls, but Dr A’s project is focused on how Neolithic portable art objects were made and how they are connected to other examples of Neolithic art. Anthropological research into art shows that sometimes the process of making an object can be as /more important than the finished item.

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