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4 responses to “Ancient Owls

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    Love! Especially the Roman one, because I haven’t seen any owls like it before. Always loved owls, since I was a little kid and one used to hoot outside my window.

    • Dr H

      Thanks Lucinda. It was the Roman one that made me want to make the badges. The original is enamelled. It would be great to learn to make a proper replica. The glassy-colours are beautiful. I will put some owls in the post to you soon.

  2. Fresca

    OWLS!!! Never too many owls! (Did you know Justin Bieber has an owl tattoo?)
    Your drawings are charming, as ever, and I love the background colors you chose. I’m with bink that the Roman owl is my favorite (and that green is too).
    Good on ya!

    • Dr H

      Thanks Fresca. The Roman Owl seems to be a popular choice! I’ve always loved owls. Do you remember the little metal owl in The Clash of the Titans? He was one of my favourite movie characters when I was young!

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