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Tales from the Rock Face: The Great Deer

117 The Great Deer

118 The Great Deer119 The Great deer120 The Great Deer

Dr H

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9 responses to “Tales from the Rock Face: The Great Deer

  1. adhmad58

    Very very nice and warm story, or let’s say history

  2. Fresca

    Ah, very topical, eh?

    Does Olaf know what gender it is? 🙂

  3. Fresca

    P.S. Whoops—American Imperialist Attitude on display in comment above:
    I was thinking of our Supreme Court’s decision on Friday in support of marriage equality.
    Not to make assumptions, but may I ask, was that big news over your way? I would guess so—like it was big news here in the US when Ireland just voted the same way.

  4. kittog

    Another amazing comicstrip. I really like those, you should make some more often. 🙂

  5. Dr H

    Thanks! I love the monster drawings on your blog.

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