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Folkore Fridays: The Salisbury Giant

Salisbury Giant with border

I’m trying out some designs based on 1970s children’s book covers.

Here’s the Salisbury Giant and companion Hob-Nob to start with.

Find out more about them on the Salisbury Museum website.

Dr H

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3 responses to “Folkore Fridays: The Salisbury Giant

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    Fun! Is Hob-Nob a relative of the Cookie Monster? 🙂 I suppose I should first ask, do you have the Cookie Monster in the UK?

  2. Fresca

    And would he be the Biscuit Monster?

    I like the identifiably 70s-style.

  3. Dr H

    Hi Lucinda and Fresca, yes we do have the Cookie Monster in the UK (at least we did when I was growing up). I think I would rather hang out with the Cookie Monster than Hob-Nob. Hob-Nob would snap at you, but the Cookie Monster would sing you a song. Did you have the Honey Monster (for breakfast cereal) in the US?

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