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Smallcombe Woods

Dr A and I recently went for a walk in Smallcombe Woods, in search of an abandoned garden.

Smallcombe Woods lie just off the route of the Bath Skyline Walk.

P1090037We walked through the woods,


until we reached the clearing.


There are remains of water features.




Traces of steps and pathways.

P1090053Moss covered walls.



This garden once belonged to a  “picturesque shrubbery” laid out in the mid-late nineteenth century, by the owners of No. 6 Woodland Place.

We left the garden and walked back down the hill, leaving through the exit to Smallcombe Cemetery.




From a distance the cemetery is hardly visible, enclosed by trees and hedgerows, bounded by woodland.


Dr H

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5 responses to “Smallcombe Woods

  1. John S.

    Surely the start of a beautiful comic, Dr. H?

  2. Looks a beautiful walk…a little haunted perhaps? 🙂

    • Dr H

      It looks spooky in the photos, but it doesn’t feel creepy. Both the garden and the cemetery are tranquil places – set apart from the world but not unsettling (at least, not in the daytime!)

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