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Applied Comics

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I was just thinking to myself how I really ought to write a blog post about the excellent Applied Comics meet-up that I attended on 9th May, when a feature popped up on the Today Programme about Benjamin Dix’s work in comics journalism.


The comics created by researcher Benjamin Dix and artist Lindsay Pollock are a perfect example of how comics in the UK have stepped far beyond superheroes, and are being used to talk about everything from global and regional politics, medicine and public health, personal and social education, science and the humanities – including (of course) archaeology.

The Applied Comics Meet-Up was organised by Lydia Wysocki, John Swogger and Ian Horton. You can read an excellent account of the day’s proceedings, written by Selina Lock.

It was great to meet up with other people making and exploring comics as a way of communicating information/ideas/research and who are open minded about where this relationship might lead.

An especially enjoyable part of the meeting was the chance to play Wikipedia roulette – in which we were challenged with making a comic about a random article from Wikipedia.

I enjoyed our random-Wikipedia-article comic making so much I inked-in one of the infographic panels from my comic.

You can read more about this on John’s blog. The challenge of writing, planning and drawing a comic in a short amount of time focused our minds, and drew out a range of different ways that comics can approach a single topic.

I’m excited at Lydia’s suggestion that a there should be a comics event with the focus on the making of comics, just as I’m excited to start reading Pat Grant’s research “Bodies on the Boards – Materiality and movement in the production of comics and graphic novels”.

Pat Grant thesis cover

I feel that comics have only just started to explore their potential in communicating academic research, but hopefully the Applied Comics Network will help them on their way.

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3 responses to “Applied Comics

  1. Fresca

    Comics’ educational potential from K- through PhD is exciting!
    I love that you’re part of this whole evolution of comix, and through you, I get to see it too.

  2. I am jealous you get to go to such cool events and meet with such cool people! Looks so fun! How lovely to link up with work that connects so naturally to yours.

  3. Dr H

    Hi Fresca and Lucinda,
    I really wish the two of you lived close enough to come along to the Applied Comics meetings.

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