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Introducing a new, occasional feature on Prehistories, highlighting archaeological references in computer/ console games. (If you want a more comprehensive approach to this subject, head over to the Archaeogaming blog).

These features are written by Mr X – who is going to introduce you to the concept of Crypto-archaeology


Crypto-archaeology is a form of reputation in the game Destiny. You gain reputation by handing engrams to a blue humanoid called the Cryptarch. When you hand over your engrams to the Cryptarch he analyses, decodes and then returns the weapon/armour piece found from decoding the engram. When decoding an engram you also gain crypto-archaeology reputation and if you reach certain crypto-archaeology ranks you gain rewards.


Image of the different types of engrams.

“What is an engram you ask? Data free from matter.”

– A quote from the Cryptarch

Engrams are relics from the golden age – a time when technology massively advanced, lifespans tripled and human civilization travelled beyond the confines of Earth. They are objects encoded within a physical form of data and can be decrypted to unlock the secret treasures hidden within. You can most commonly find them by defeating an enemy or completing a mission.


Image of the Cryptarch.

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