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Dr H Comics

Chanctobury Hill detail

Dr H is now accepting commissions!

Happy Deer

Do you need illustrations or comics, such as:

  • A family guide for your museum exhibition?
  • A comic exploring the history or folklore associated with an archaeological site?
  • A bespoke birthday card for an archaeologist?


If so, click here for more information.

Dr H

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4 responses to “Dr H Comics

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    Excellent! I think your work should be in every archaeological museum in the UK.

  2. Francesca

    If I were an entrepreneur (tried, failed, didn’t try again), I’d commission you to design a smashing fantastic tea towel—say, a map of archaeology Greatest Hits of the UK printed on a tea towel and other cartoon illustrations… (You have the one of Roadside Sites in Minnesota tea towels by our own local artist Faye Passow, right?)
    As well as more “serious” work, of course—-like Guides to This Here Site You Are About to Tour for all the sites you like.

    • Dr H

      Hi Francesca. I like the idea of a tea towel. (I do still have the lovely Minnesota tea towel you gave me – I would love to see those giant ducks one day!) I haven’t written a site guide yet – something else to work on.
      I’m currently working on a 17th century style comic!

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