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New Connections

I’ve just been updating the links page on Prehistories, so I thought I should give a proper mention to some of the blogs I’ve been following recently.

First up is the excellent Urban Prehistorian site. This site charts the fate of prehistoric monuments on wasteland, housing estates and roundabouts. A thought-provoking blog, with an excellent range of postcards.

Greetings from Auchterarder

Reading The Urban Prehistorian has lead me into the vast world of psychogeography online.

These sites include The Fife Psychogeographical Collective and Landscapism.

Cover photo

For the more hauntalogically-minded among you, head over to A Year in the Country, where you can discover the chilling truth about Brown Bakelite Boxes, read about Nigel Kneale and discover more about Delia Derbyshire, as well as admiring the site design and photography. There is even an online Artifacts Shop.

Image O4-A Year In The Country

Meanwhile, looking ahead to a series of innovative events, Public Archaeology 2015 gives us a breakdown of projects to look forward to in the coming year.

Public archMy most recent discovery is the Museum of Marco Polo. Illustrated by the wonderful Isabel Greenberg, this is a blog about museums – what they are, might and could be.

Isabel Museum by Moonlight


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  2. Thanks for the mention and for a few new trails to follow!

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