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Folklore Fridays: The Rollright Stones



Rollright Stones 01

Rollright Stones 02

Rollright Stones 03Rollright Stones 04

I thought I’d turn my Rollright Stones story into a comic.
You can read more about the Rollright Stones on the blog here and here.

Dr H

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4 responses to “Folklore Fridays: The Rollright Stones

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    This is very cool! Great, strong, graphic look to the art and interesting story! Way to go!

    • Dr H

      Thank you! I had fun making this. Now I need to find a good piece of folklore about some Bronze Age archaeology. There are lots of stories about haunted barrows…

  2. Francesca

    WOW!!! Awesome motion, drama, and psychology in your figures.
    I got goose bumps at the end, when she turns him into stone. (Of course I had never heard of this archaeological thingie, so I had no idea what was coming.)

    You were always such a good writer, but now have become and amazing cartoonist too–this looks like something by Bergman (a la the “Seventh Seal”).

    • Dr H

      Hi Francesca. Thank you so much!
      It was really interesting turning a prose story into a comic. Some things worked much better as images (eg the king walking above the woman lowering the staff).
      If you look at photos of the King Stone it really does look like a person.

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