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3 responses to “Summer Exam

  1. Francesca

    This is hilarious! I envision an Archeological Oddities exam.
    Have we been paying attention?
    If not, why not? 😉

    So, um… what is the Atlantic Prehistory Seminar ?
    (Have I not been paying attention and missed it? Quite likely…)

  2. Dr H

    An Archaeological Oddities exam is a great idea. Coming soon…

    I’m afraid the seminar has been and gone – it’s an annual seminar for prehistory students and lecturers at Southampton to share their research.

    Which essay topic would you choose for your exam?

  3. Francesca

    “What items from your life would best represent you if an archaeologist dug them up 5,000 years from now?
    Illustrate as a cartoon.”

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