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10 responses to “Folklore Fridays: The Bell in the Deep

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    This is great! Striking visuals! Strong and clear narrative telling an interesting story. Nice expansion of your oddities series.

  2. John S.

    Just been re-reading this, Dr. H., and it really is excellent – definitely the logical next step following on from the Oddities. I hope you’re going to do more of these, and I really hope you also keep expanding your scope. This sort of approach could help make sense not just of individual objects and finds, but disparate assemblages across a site or across a chronological period. You could link together stories of different coin hoards, for example, or mosaics, or tool assemblages across time or between sites – something that I think archaeology still struggles to do effectively, particularly when speaking to a non-specialist audience. I really do think you’ve hit upon a particularly powerful story-telling device for archaeology – one that has enormous potential. Great, great stuff. More, please!

    • Dr H

      Thanks John. I’m certainly intending to do some more folk tales soon – I’m thinking of a short collection looking at tales associated with monuments from different periods. After that I will have to think about what other archaeological stories I could tell using longer comics. It would be interesting to work on a particular site or museum collection. Watch this space…

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