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One Girl: Details and Decisions


Can you spot the difference between John Swogger’s latest depiction of Kat-ya, and his last?

As John turns my text for One Girl Goes Hunting into images, we’ve both been prompted to ask questions of the characters and make decisions about them.

Kat-ya has been given a grass cape in the most recent drawing, in order to root her in European prehistory.

Seeing Kat-ya on the page also led to discussions of her age, appearance and attitude to the challenges that await her.


Looking at her, I think Kat-ya’s ready to go out and meet those challenges.

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3 responses to “One Girl: Details and Decisions

  1. Fresca

    I really like this incarnation: she looks like a real girl—both vulnerable (young) and adventurous! Good work, both of you—graphic storytelling is a lot of work, eh?!

  2. Lucinda ⋅

    I think this really helps her look like European girl . Confusion about her continent is gone. Good job!

  3. Dr H

    Great, glad you both lke it! John is going to weave in a lot of decorative detail taken from Orcadian artefacts and monuments (like the spiral patterns on the cloaks) so Kat-ya’s world should have strong roots in the local archaeology. I’m really looking forward to Kat-ya starting her journey.

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