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Prehistories is 1 today!


It’s one year since Prehistories’ first proper post (Lines in a Landscape: Philip Hughes) went online.

So this seemed like a good time to thank everyone who has read the blog, commented on it, linked to it, or  taken the time to answer our questions and queries.

We also thought we’d join in the blogging carnival being held over on Doug’s Archaeology.

This month’s theme is Best posts (and worst if you want to admit to them).


Dr A and Dr H agreed that the best posts have been the Ask an Archaeologist/ Author/ Artist feature. Generally these are the posts with the highest readership, but most importantly they given us an insight into the range of people involved in and engaging with archaeology. They’ve lead us to brilliant images,  inspiring writing and insightful archaeology. Plus we get to find out everyone’s time travel destinations.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken part so far, and to everyone we pester into taking part in the future.

It seems only fair to say, though, that one of the best things about blogging is connecting with other archaeologists and bloggers and getting to read their posts.

Here are a few of the best posts from other archaeological blogs we’ve read over the past year (apologies if your blog isn’t included).


Sara Perry: The Archaeological Eye

The Heritage Trust

John Swogger

Digital Dirt Virtual Pasts

and last, but not least


Dr A and Dr H

About Hannah


10 responses to “Prehistories is 1 today!

  1. John S.

    Hurrah! Congrats, Prehistories! Best bits? Archaeological Oddities, definitely. These are classy comix, Dr. H – not just short, sweet and to the point, but genuinely looking at archaeology in a new way. You’ve taken that somewhat old phrase now, the “life history of an object” and realised it in a way that makes me think of that phrase very differently, now. Please do the lunulae from Llyn Cerrig Bach – I’d love to be able to make that link between your AOs and my Anglesey comics!

  2. Dr H

    John. Thanks for the kind words about Archaeological Oddities. Making them is incredibly enjoyable (and addictive).

    I’ve been thinking about featuring a lunulae. Next up is another Welsh find – the Penbryn divination spoons. But after that…

  3. Fresca

    Happy Birthday!
    Ditto John S. The best & most *unique* part of Prehistories is your graphic histories.

  4. Lucinda ⋅

    John S. said it best! And Fresca’s word choice is spot on– the Oddities are unique. Your interviews are great, but your Oddities are like nothing else out there. They are what stick in my mind, long after reading, and what inspire desire to see the real objects/places.

  5. Dr H

    Fresca + Lucinda. Thanks! Your encouragement has really helped me to keep going with the comics and the blog. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much! Like everyone else, I agree with John. In fact, just last week I pointed one of our current Master’s students to your comics because I’m fascinated by them and he’s keen on the power of such visual media to make the very impression on people that Lucinda speaks to above – a lasting one, interpretable by a variety of audiences. I’m a great fan of your work.

  7. Dr H

    Hi Sara. Thank you! It really means a lot to me that people enjoy the comics and are getting something from them. A great deal of what I write comes from the urge to point things out to people, to gently nudge them to look at things they may not have noticed or may not have ever known existed. I’m learning a lot by making the comics too – about archaeology and about working with words and images.

    Thanks for all the encouragement!

  8. gmacg1

    Dr A & Dr H. Congratulations on a first year of creatively exploring the past: I cant imagine the future without more Oddities. G

  9. Dr H

    Thanks G!
    More Oddities on their way soon.
    Also, Dr A will be posting about his latest carved stone ball experiments!
    Dr H

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