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One more mammoth…

I promise to give the mammoths a rest after this, but I couldn’t resist posting this beautiful image, sent to me by my friend Lucinda.

It dates from 1923 and was London Underground poster.

I love the style of this mammoth!

I think the Natural History Museum should reuse this poster for their upcoming exhibition Mammoths: Ice Age Giants later this year.

It looks like it’s going to be a good year for exhibitions, with the Natural History Museum’s Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story and the British Museum’s Vikings: Life and Legend on Prehistories‘ wish list.

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5 responses to “One more mammoth…

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    Love to see what poster they come up with for their new exhibit.

  2. Andy

    I caught the Ice Age Art one last year, that was great.

  3. Dr H

    Not sure if any of these exhibitions will live up to the Ice Age Art, though Britain: One Million Years looks set to collect together some amazing material.

    It also boasts the added bonus of revealing if comedian Bill Bailey is closely related to a Neanderthal!

    I’m not sure if they will be able to match this stylish mammoth on their new posters – the current trend tends to be for a glossy/ HD feel.

  4. Fresca

    Oh! Lucinda should definitely travel to England to see her totem animal on display!!!
    (And isn’t this one cuddly?)

    Btw, you must have removed the ads that used to show up above the comments? Anyway, they’re gone, which is nice.

  5. Dr H

    It is a very cuddly mammoth, just the sort you’d like for a pet – like Littlenose’s pet mammoth Two-Eyes

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