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In the Picture

Perhaps the most welcoming room in the National Museum of Archaeology in Saint Germain-en-Laye (outside Paris) was the bookshop.

Tables and shelves of books, periodicals and monographs stretched into the far distance. And, as a pointer to the French appreciation and understanding of comics or bande dessinée, there were graphic stories and elegant picture books for old and young alike.





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4 responses to “In the Picture

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    Looks delightful! Too bad I don’t speak French.

    • Dr H

      It’s a shame more comics aren’t translated into English. Apart from the Asterix, I think the rest are only available in French. There’s a massive series of Alix books, as well as information books using illustrations from the series. I think I will have to brush up my dusty A-level French and give them a try. The Vo’houna graphic novel sounds like fun – it’s set in the palaeoloithic and involes shamans and animal spirits.

  2. Fresca

    Can’t wait to see YOUR book in French!

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