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First Steps

Dr A’s visit to Vingen, and the photos he took there, have encouraged me to try my hand at animating one of the rock art figures. O.K. it’s a bit wobbly, but it’s not easy taking your first steps…

Click on the picture to play.

Dr H


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9 responses to “First Steps

  1. Lucinda ⋅

    Love it! Did you animate by hand or use an app? Nice touch where the deer turns her head. I just took a bunch of petroglyph pictures– want to animate them too? 🙂

  2. Dr H

    Hi! I used Animation Desk app. It’s pretty easy to use and quite addictive. I’ve started work on a comic about this deer, too. I’d love to see your petroglyph photos and have a go at animating them.

  3. Fresca

    Wow!!! I am so impressed: your animation is so fun and clever! I have never tried such a thing. Seems possibly too addictive… LET’S ANIMATE EVERYTHING!
    My favorite petroglyphs are the outlines of human hands–seeing one for the first time was a prime example of that unnamed recognition of They ‘R’ Us (and vice-versa).
    It’d be cool to see an animation of the original person tracing their hand.
    Of course “they” are not always us—obviously some are aliens, and I’d also like to see an animation of a spaceship landing and one of the big-heads getting out (and frozen into a rock drawing). (Heh, heh.)

    • Dr H

      It’s interesting watching things you’ve drawn come to life. My deer is a bit wonky, like everything I draw or make, but she seems to have gained her own personality as she walks across the screen.
      I think if I animate aliens making rock I art I may be drummed out of the archaeological community! It looks like you might have to make that film yourself.

  4. Reblogged this on archaeodeath and commented:
    Animating rock-art!

  5. Lucinda ⋅

    Do you have the free or paid version of Animation Desk? And what sort of devise are you using it on? I downloaded the free version on my iPad tonight and quickly deleted it in frustration. Other than being dense, what do you think I am doing wrong? Do I a need a paid version? A computer? A windows operating system? Or more patience for the tutorials (which I did watch but found hard to follow.)

    • Dr H

      Hi, I have the paid version, which allows you to have 3 layers and has a cool copy or ‘stamp’ tool so you can copy and paste (or rub) an image (or parts of an image) from one page to the next. I’m using it on an iPad. It took me a bit of trial and error to get used to it (and my son has taught me a few tricks too). The free versions of apps are often deliberately frustrating!

  6. Lucinda ⋅

    Thanks for the info. I guess I will check out the paid version. I tried the paid Doink app which has some cool effects, but I can’t seem to find a way to trace over/ work directly on photos. It makes me animate in one area then apply the animation over the photo. Since you were able to line your drawings up directly over the petroglyphs I presume you were able to see the photo whirl you were drawing?

  7. Dr H

    The paid version lets you set a background image or photo, which you can then trace over on the middle ground or foreground layer.

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